S Plus Size Beige Light Support Pantyhose Size B Catherines Women

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Find Coupon Select SILKY BEIGE Women S
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You get everything the big hosiery brands offer-at a fraction of the price. Graduated Support Level: Light 8-15mm / Hg.. Perfectly priced precise graduated compression from Select Support Women's Sheer Moderate Support Pantyhose Exclusive! Our Select Support medically correct pantyhose is exactly what doctors order for effective relief from edema, swelling, varicose veins, spider veins and other circulation-related problems.
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Catherines Women S Plus Size Beige. Women Beige.


Flat seams provide durability comfort and a smooth appearance. A breathable cotton polyester crotch is created for comfort and hygiene.



Light support relieves tired aching legs by providing a gentle squeeze at the ankles and up the legs to get blood flowing back toward your heart.


Moderate support is highly recommended when you plan to be on your feet longer. Flat seams provide durability and a contouring design slims the hips and thighs.


Our sheer pantyhose is made for twoway support delivering therapeutically correct graduated support to relieve leg problems associated with varicose and spider veins and inadequate circulation. Nude sandal foot can be worn with open toe shoes and sandals.






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